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Beyond Beauty - Grooming for Good Health

From article "Good Grooming" by Eve Adamson

You already know that grooming makes your dog look lovely and smell sweet. But grooming is also one of the most important things you can do to maintain your dog's good health. Regular grooming is a bit like a "lite" version of a veterinary exam. That makes it extra important, not just for keeping your pup pretty but as the best possible way for you to establish what's physically "normal" for your dog. Every time you put comb to coat, you have the chance to assess your dog's ongoing health and detect any sudden changes in skin, coat, eyes, ears, nose, rear, paws, nails, joints, or generalized pain. If anything changes, you'll be the first to notice.

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Veterinarians have often told me their clients were the first ones to spot the signs of serios health problems during a grooming session. Sometimes, the very first sign of the health problem is as subtle as dried-out coat and flaky skin. If your groomer tells you about a lump, a sore spot, a bare patch, or anything else unusual and new, let your veterinarian know. It may not be the most pleasant groomer's chore, but gazing into your dog's eyes - and ears, nose, mouth, and rear end - is also an important part of grooming health check. Problems aften show up in these sensitive areas. Yeasty ear infections, gum disease, tooth decay, dry eye, impacted anal glands, even worms, are just some of the conditions that can be spotted visually. During the grooming session your groomer not just brushs the top lair of hair, she does it down at the roots. Combing all the way down to the skin can reveal hot spots and skin infections hidden under mats and tangles - might find avidence of fleas and attached tick.
You are the expert on your dog because you see him every day.

Groom him regulary, so that if your dog does develop a health problem, you'll catch it and can have it treated-stat!


What else do you need to know as a pet owner? Here are few articles that I personally recommend:

A veterinary guide to tear stains.

Why my dog/cat is scratching/rubbing/chewing its back end?

8 reasons why NOT to shave "double coated" dog


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why it costs more to get your pet groomed than your own haircut:


10. You don't go 8 weeks without washing

or brushing your hair.

9. Your hairdresser doesn't wash and clean

your rear end.

8. Your hairdresser doesn't give you a sanitary trim.

7. Your hairdersser doesn't clean your ears.

6. Your hairdresser doesn't remove the boogies

from your eyes.

5. You sit still for your hairdresser.

4. Your haircut doesn't include a manicure or pedicure

3. Your hairdresser only washes and cuts the hair

on your head.

2. You don't bite or sctatch your hairdresser.

1. The likelihood of you pooping on the hairdresser

is pretty slim:)


You could groom your own dogs and cats if you don’t mind getting soaking wet and having bathtub or sink clogged with hair. Of course, the walls and floors end up covered with wet hair too.

Yes, it is possible to dry your own dog or cat with a human dryer as long as the motor doesn’t overheat and burn out.

Even if you have a short haired breed, the way that dogs and cats are dried and brushed by a professional groomer removes a lot more hair that you can at home – and the mess is left at the grooming salon, of course.

It’s a little like you eating out – you don’t have to do the dishes, or in this case, clean up the hair. So, don’t miss an opportunity to spoil yourself and your 4 legged family member.


It just makes sense to leave the grooming to me.


I was honored to be a personal dog groomer for wedding of Katie and Luke Miller


Grooming Pic1. Grooming Pic2.
Grooming Pic3. Grooming Pic4.
Grooming Pic5. Grooming Pic6.
Grooming Pic7. Grooming Pic8.
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If you do what you really like and get paid for - it is happiness.


I want to thank all my customers

(past, present and future)

for giving me an opportunity to make my living in such a pleasant way!!!


Here are some feedbacks from my present clients at http://www.dexknows.com/ and Google


By Phillis Ferrel - 09/01/2015

We have an American Cocker Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles. They are so well taken care with time given to do a great job. Both dogs are comfortable and look so great after their visit to Lonna! We are grateful.


By Jody Ford - 08/08/2015

My dog has degenerative disc disease and has a very fragile spine. She is so careful and gentle when grooming him. She makes accommodations for him as well. I consider her reasonable and trustworthy. I am not sure where I would take my dog for grooming if it wasn't for her. So worth my 30 minute drive!


Standard Poodle Expert! by Jon and Sheri - 08/27/2015

Tyson, our standard poodle, has been seeing Lonna for several years now. He always looks fantastic when we pick him up from Ay Da Grooming. We tried other groomers before, but Lonna is the best!


Truly Amazing! by Nellie's mom - 12/14/2014

Nellie is mostly border collie with some sheltie, she is 14 years old and had never been proffessionally groomed. Nellie had a severe allergy that caused skin infections, her coat was a real mess and also had fleas so once we got her skin "cleaned up" I took her to Lonna. I picked up a dog that I almost didn't recognize! Nellie was beautiful and it was obvious she felt much better! I will bring her to Lonna every quarter now. Lonna knows dogs, no doubt about it and her prices are very reasonable.

Thank you Lonna!


Truly a "dog whisperer" and fantastic groomer by Laurie - 07/25/2014

My 10 year old Mini Schnauzer/Silky Terrier mix, Schnickers, is very apprehensive, to say the least, about being groomed. Every groomer I have ever tried, from the time he was a puppy, would tell me they could not complete the grooming (ie: nails trimmed, hair pulled from ears, etc) because he would pull away and/or whine/cry. He made the groomers apprehensive! From the time meeting with Lonna, she was able to touch his paws without him completely coming unglued. Over the past year that we have been coming to Lonna, he has gotten less and less afraid of the appointment. I also have a very rambunctious 6 year old female Silky Terrier that loves going to see Lonna. :) I would highly recommend Lonna to any pet-parent, especially those who have pups that are less than thrilled about the "spa experience". :) Thank you Lonna for being so great at what you do.


My Sheltie is beautiful! by Wendy - 04/12/2014

My dog Mollie had never been formally groomed before. Even though she was a bit scared, she really liked Lonna. My dog was transformed before my eyes. Lonna worked quickly but was very gentle and patient. She also showed me how to properly hold the brush so I can do a better job of brushing in between grooming appointments. I like the ability to schedule my appointment online. I would definitely recommend Lonna to all of my friends and family with dogs! We had a wonderful first grooming experience!


Best Groomer in the Area!  by Tamara R - 12/12/2013

Lonna is a wonderful person! She works very hard at what she does to provide my soft coated wheaten terrier a top of the line grooming care! This helps maintain my pet's health! She is courteous and prompt in returning calls and working with my schedule! You are the best, Lonna


Thank you, Lonna!! by Jerry - 10/13/2013

Daisy (Australian Shepherd\Blue Heeler mix) looks great every time I pick her up from Lonna. Job well done!!


Lonna is the Best! by Holly - 08/25/2013

Lonna (Ay Da Grooming) is the best groomer I have found for my little Maltese, Daisy. Daisy started going to Lonna as a puppy and continues to get groomed by her a few times a year, even though we now live in Wisconsin!

Lonna is very flexible and accommodating with scheduling. She has a very good "bedside manner" with her dog "clients." She gives Daisy an excellent, professional grooming, like no other groomer I have found. :)


Fantastic Job!!!!! by KKS - 07/25/2013

I have taken my English Springer Spaniel to several local groomers and Lonna by far out did any of the other groomers. Missy looked beautiful and I know she felt like the star of the house when she got home. I will continue to have Missy, or any other dogs I may get, groomed by Lonna.


Excellent Grooming! by Amy - 07/22/2013

Ay Da Grooming is the place to go. I have 2 Havanese dogs, one that has allergies, and has always had trouble with itching after a groom. Ever since I have been going to Lonna's, Daisy has never had that problem again. She does an excellent job not to mention a very clean environment which is very important to me. Try it - you will NOT be disappointed


Lonna is superb! by Ellen with Opal and Dinah- 07/01/2013

We had been searching for someone to keep our two poodles as beautiful as they should be, but had had terrible luck. One supposedly expert groomer made them look like Labrador Retrievers! A fellow poodle owner recommended Ay Da and we've been really impressed with the elegant cuts the dogs get there. One of our dogs actually loves to go there--she gets all excited in the car when she realizes we're headed to Ay Da Grooming. Plus, Lonna is prompt and absolutely reliable, another rare virtue, it seems, in a dog groomer.


Best in Area for Your Dog by Jim - 05/20/2013

Lonna is an excellent, gifted groomer who cares about her clients' dogs, knows how to make Fido look his best, and applies her considerable skills, artistry, and expertise with every grooming. She clearly has wide-ranging experience in her craft. Lonna is simply the best dog groomer in the metropolitan Iowa City area. My wife and I know this because Darcy, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, kissed a lot of frogs before we discovered Ay Da Grooming. Without any reservations, we give Lonna our highest recommendation.


Wouldn't trust anyone else. by Donna - 03/27/2013

We take our poms to her and she does a great job. Tilly looks just like a little princess when she comes home from Lonna's


Lonna is Fantastic, don't go anywhere else!!! by Very Satisfied Customer - 02/14/2013

I am in the North Liberty area and I had been to Just Dogs and Petco for my Old English Sheepdog. I thought these places were overpriced and it took me weeks to get an appointment. Lonna at Ay Da Grooming is great with dogs, and pays attention to detail. When I pick her up I know my dog's ears, nails teeth ect will be perfect. I am comfortable leaving my dog with her, and I know she will be well taken care of. She can usually fit me in in the same week I call and her schedule is very flexible. I recommend her to everyone with a dog!


Lonna did a very nice job grooming our dogs. by Julie and Dave - 02/02/2013

Lonna did a very professional job . Excellant grooming. She worked with us on the time and schedule with our 6 dogs. Her prices are resonable. We will be using her again.

Thanks Lonna


Fantastic by Teddie - 01/01/2013

We absolutely love how our long haired chihuahua looks after he is groomed and bathed by Lonna. Her ability to keep him calm and feel safe is amazing. We are always worried how he will do with a groomer and she is wonderful with him! We won't go anywhere else.


Lonna is amazing! by Olivia C. - 12/09/2012

We have been going to Lonna for over 3 years now and love her! She does an amazing job with our dog Koby (a springer/lab mix). He looks fantastic everytime! Lonna is fast, reliable, and most of all loves her job! I would recommend her to everyone!


Absolute best grooming experience ever! by Lisa Merrill - 11/25/2012

My Samoyed was transformed by Lonna, who embraced the challenge with a wonderful, positive attitude. It was the best grooming experience our Samoyed has had--and with the best results.


Perfect! by Kate M. - 11/20/2012

Lonna is AMAZING!! I have two very active schnauzers and ONLY will trust Lonna to groom them. Her love of animals is clear. Three years ago, I was lucky to find Lonna and Ay Da Grooming & will never go to anyone else again!

Reasonable prices, warm service, professional - would recommend her to anyone and everyone.


Funtastic service ! by Mary T - 11/16/2012

I've tried multiple groomers in Iowa City/ Coralville /N.Liberty area , but was never 100% happy with their cuts and prices. So I kept searching for the perfect groomer - and found Lonna! She is fantastic ! Kind and always done on time. She is gentle with my dog and her shop is adorable !


Excellent Experience by Michelle from Iowa City - 09/12/2012

My dog-grooming experience with Lonna was excellent; we will return again as customers!


Awesome by darrin - 07/19/2012

Fast, friendly, professional. My large dog looked great. I will be going again!!!!


First time grooming for Senior Cat was Great! by Kristen H - 06/11/2012

Our older cat had never been to a professional groomer before, but he did great and looks so much better than when we brought him in.


Great Grooming! by Brie H. - 04/23/2012

Lonna has been the only groomer we have ever used for our Wheaten Terrier because she is all we could ask for in a groomer! Lonna is great with our dog- Bailey always comes home looking her best! Additionally, Lonna has been so patient with us- showing us the proper way to brush her hair and trim nails. Lonna always goes the extra mile, and we are very appreciative! The between-service face and nail trims are awesome!


Ay Da Grooming is fantastic!!! by Hanson - 03/19/2012

Lonna is amazing with Harry, our 65 pound, white, Goldendoodle. Harry always comes home happy and perfectly groomed. We highly recommend her.


Excellent Groomer by JBird - 03/06/2012

Lonna does a really wonderful job of grooming my 9 year old golden retriever girl. I know that when I drop her off that she will always be well taken care of. The grooming area is clean and the stress level for the dogs is kept to a minimum.


My search is over by Sharon - 02/29/2012

My search has finally ended. I was discouraged that I couldn't find a groomer that knew the difference in the cuts of an English Cocker and an American Cocker. My English Cocker, Finnigan, has never looked so good. Lonna's work is spot on. He looks like he is ready for the show ring each time she grooms him. I am thrilled that I found such an accomplished groomer.


Self-grooming with Lonna by Randy - 01/30/2012

Lonna does a great job grooming Hazel, our onerous Doodle. But you really need to try self-grooming sometime. Utilizing the great facilities at Ay Da Grooming to shampoo, condition and dry your dog is really a fun and educational experience. It's a great bargain and provides a unique bonding opportunity for you and your pet. Nail trimming and minor grooming is provided by Lonna and is included in the price. I highly recommend both services.


Cat grooming by Lisa - 01/19/2012

I took my cat to Lonna to be groomed and it was by far the best experience I have ever had for grooming. Aside from the actual cut being perfect, Lonna was so friendly and professional, and i will absolutely take my cat back there.


Our dogs LOVE Lonna! (And so do we.) by Jennifer - 01/19/2012

Our two dogs (a Bichon and a Bichon/Shih tzu mix) run to Lonna when we arrive for their appointments! Lonna takes time to ask questions before she grooms, and the dogs look wonderful when we pick them up. Her artistry is evident -- the pups look exactly like they should for their breed, without looking silly. Lonna knows how their hair grows and how to trim them so they look their best. We are impressed that Lonna's work is so consistently good (we've been going to her for a couple of years). The dogs look natural, smell great and the haircuts grow out well -- they look great all the way through to their next appointment! We're lucky to have her talent here in North Liberty. She is extremely accommodating with drop-off and pick-up times, too. Thank you, Lonna!


Excellent grooming by Sherry - 01/18/2012

I took my five month old cavachon in for her first haircut. I showed a picture of what I would like for a hair cut. I am so thrilled with the attention to detail that Lonna gave. She also answered numerous questions that I had. I couldn't be more pleased with her work.


Lonna is terrific by Barb - 01/12/2012

I've been bringing my dogs to Lonna for over a year. She does a wonderful job. Besides doing a great job grooming she points out any health problems she sees.

She has also groomed my sister and my nieces cats.


Very Professional by Brutus's Dad - 01/07/2012

What a treat to meet Lonna, she took time with Brutus, this was his first grooming appt., she explained things to me and showed me some proper techniques to better take care of Brutus. She made Brutus and me feel right at home. Thanks Lonna.


Awesome Groomer by FurBabies2 - 02/07/2011

Great groomer. Appts fast. Professional