Ay Da Derjava

(Irco vom Weiten Land x Aivengo Afina)


CGC, Therapy Dog I, BH, P1, CD, BREVET, French Ring 1, NAJP, OAJP, Coursing Ability.

Jody Alwin and Ay Da Derjava,

we are so proud of you!


This photo of a running helicopter is just part of an all-day test for Disaster, Stress and Relief Dog.  This is taking Therapy Dog testing a step further in testing the dog’s nerve in possible disaster situations and surroundings. Judge was from Germany. They had a helicopter land literally 50 feet from the dogs, firemen with their suits and noisy darth Vader masks, sirens, boats, crammed in small vehicles. The breakdown of the 10 passing dogs out of 22 (now about 60 nationwide).

Ay Da Derjava was ONLY BOXER!



What dog doesn't want to run and chase stuff?

Lure coursing is perfect for Boxers.

Short nosed dogs and dogs under 12"

do half a course, which is 300 yards.

There were 2 courses and Java passed both times.

To get a title one has to get 3 qualifiying scores.

Jodie, you have to find another trial!


President of North American Ring Association,

Shannon Nieuwkoop:


"I am not aware of any boxers in the US or Canada

with FRENCH RING title, and I searched through the

NARA trial results back to 2002.

I think Java might be the only one.

I suspect there are some in France, but nothing in the US or Canada that I can find."

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Owner - Jodie Alwin (Hugo, MN)

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