Ay Da Power To Do

(Elastic Lacoste x Ay Da Kick Your Heels )


CGC (at 11 months old)

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"Power-boy" (as we call him at home)

is a very special puppy for me.

He was born with cleft palate and didnt have

the chance to be raised naturally.

He was such active and nice looking puppy,

so i decided to give him a try...


To raise a puppy with cleft palate - its a lot of work.

The safest way to feed such puppy is tube feeding.

"Power-boy" really wanted to live and

it gave me the power to fight for his life.


"Ay Da Power To Do"

is ONLY survived puppy with CP

in our kennel.


Owner Darren and Hayley A., Shakopee MN

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