As you can see, we are lovers of European Boxers!


We breed only if we want to keep something for our own breeding program.

Usually we have 1 litter per year .

The only way to "officially" be placed on "waiting list" is to send us a deposit


(if you want to skip "your turn", deposit can be transferred to next litter no more that once)



Each puppy

from our kennel has next documents:


*** agreement for sale

with 7 days "return-refund" policy

and 18 months health guarantee


*** limited AKC registration


Our evaluation is INDIVIDUAL for each puppy.


We accept your donation as your appreciation

for raising top-quality healthy european boxers.

Usually it covers our expences for previous litter

and always being invested into improving

the next generation of our dogs.



We prefer personal pick up any of our puppies.


Shipping is discouraged, but negotionable for additional amount of $350-500 (depence on aircompany)

Please, remember - puppies go through a fear impact period at 8-12 weeks

and anything they perceive as tramatic can affect their personality the remainder of their lives.



"I am forever dog"

I am not an "until you get bored with me" dog...

I am not an "until you find a girlfriend" dog...

I am not an "until you have a baby" dog...

I am not an "until you you have to move" dog...

I am not an "until you have no time" dog...

I am not an "until I get old" dog...

Please, make a life-time commitment and accept me as your "Best Friend Forever"

It is really so simple...